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About Us


The Gardiner Chess vision is to bring chess into the classrooms of as many schools as possible, with the aim of establishing a thriving chess culture in the community at large.

This has been motivated by the extensive findings of world-wide research, which reveals the huge benefits for children learning to play chess.


We believe in providing a positive impact on society.

This is why Gardiner Chess actively strive to strengthen a child’s mental clarity, fortitude, stability and overall health through high quality chess coaching.

We believe that chess can be used as a metaphor for life – You have to be responsible for your actions, make a move, and plan ahead.


Our coaching methods and the way we run our business are based on the following pillars.

DETERMINATION: It is vital that we remain active and resourceful and never give up. We strive to teach the values of relentless determination.

PATIENCE: An important attitude throughout life, which sets the foundations for success.

DISCIPLINE: A disciplined approach always comes with huge rewards. Applying ‘good practice’ principles provides an excellent foundation to build from.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ACTIONS: Take pride in your achievements with your wins and understand how you can improve with your losses.

RESPECT: Chess is a courteous game and the respect we give to our players is paramount both during a game and in the street.

FUN: Children crave fun, so it’s essential that we maintain a high level of engagement and interest in everything we do to keep our customers absorbed and productive.

IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY: Chess provides a large canvas for investing and testing unique and beautiful ideas, that’s why we believe in applying these thought processes in our business and introduce elements of blue-sky thinking.

LOGIC AND REASONING: In life we are faced with many challenges that require fine judgement of stringing together a series of logical thoughts, which can be applied at all levels.

STRATEGIC THINKING: In every aspect of life, we aim to see the bigger picture before making a critical decision.